Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Michelangelo - a Pivotal Player Part 3

Word on Fire's Pivotal Players series features an episode on Michelangelo.

  I've been sharing excerpts from the book related to each day's screening -

"pivotal players"

This was actually my favorite part of the book to write. I'll admit that part of that because, in a  way, it was the easiest to pull together. Each chapter of the book is structured around a quote from one  the Pivotal Player's writings, and since Michelangelo didn't leave as much writing behind as, say Newman, it was not as daunting to sort through.
But, many are surprised to learn, he did indeed leave writings behind - letters and poetry. It was fascinating to read through them, and an absorbing, interesting process of thinking about his words, his work and Bishop Barron's perspective and pulling it all together in ways that would hopefully help readers grow a little spiritually.


Praying with the Pivotal Players by Amy Welborn