Monday, May 20, 2024

Amy Welborn Interview

  From Living Faith:

LFWhen did you first know that God loved you?
AW: I can’t name a “first” time, but a vivid experience of that realization came during my senior year (Catholic high school) retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House outside of Atlanta. In late-night prayer time in the Blessed Sacrament chapel (in typical late 70s style, strewn with pillows for sitting on the floor), I was seized by the truth of God’s love for me in a powerful way.

LFDescribe a prayer practice that is meaningful to you.
AW: Lectio Divina as well as the Mass. In the Mass, I am acutely aware not only of God’s presence but of my communion with God’s people in that space, all over the world and through space and time.

LFWhat’s something you’ve learned from the Bible or from the Mass or the Sacraments that has always stayed with you?

AW: As I said above, the Communion of Saints.

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