Monday, June 2, 2003

Driving from the St. Therese Shrine up to Bloomingdale last week, we saw a billboard by the side of the road. A view of the earth from space, with these words:

Peace: Because Good Planets are Hard to Find
-From the Catholic Sisters in your area.

Now, this really torqued me. Sisters in my area, please don't come to my parish crying poor for the Retired Religious Fund if you're going to be spending thousands on completely useless billboards. Sisters in my area, you might not have so much trouble lowering your average age from what...66? ....if you were associated with the very practical, concrete noble sacrificial work that built the Church in this country and brought countless poor the education and health care that no one else was able or willing to provide, rather than vague statements of good will that any country club Republican or limousine liberal woman, safe in her secure life, could sign onto without paying any kind of price at all.

And my brain hurts even more when I try to imagine the meeting - scratch that - meetings that you know without a doubt were conducted with great seriousness and purpose and self-importance and conviction of the movement of Sophia in their midst to plan this thing...