Sunday, July 6, 2003

You know, the other night, I heard Ann Coulter on the radio...on Sean Hannity or Drudge one night when we were going to sleep.

And I just thought, "Shut up. Really. Just Shut. Up.

I'm all for witty conservative skinny blondes, as much as I can ever be for skinny blondes, which is not often, but over the years, Coulter has definitely lost her shine.

In fact, a lot of folks who came to fame during the Clinton Years, and were, at that time, breaths of fresh air, articulating questions and positions that up to that point, newspeople and pundits simply didn't voice - people like O'Reilly and Chris Matthews. But they, too, have just gotten loud and predictable.

So anyway, in Monday's WSJ, Dorothy Rabinowitz writes a piece in which she calls Coulter "the Maureen Dowd of the conservatives."

Hint: it's not a compliment.