Tuesday, July 8, 2003

The passing of the conjoined Iranian twins really saddened me. They were so brave, so optimistic, so hopeful...

But leave it to the press to be just...odd about the whole thing. This morning, on my walk, I was listening to NPR, and the reporter on this story said, "Well, as someone here [in Singapore] just said to me...at least they finally got what they wanted - to be separated." And if you thought that couldn't be topped, you thought wrong, for the host responded, "I guess this was a situation in which the surgery was successful but the patients died."

Which was, later in the day, matched for stupidity by CBS' John Roberts, who closed that network's report on the sad news with a wry half-smile and something like, "The unquenchable desire for independence."

Sometimes people just need to be - quiet.