Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Okay, more CBA notes:

I stopped by the booth of Relevant, an interesting new company that publishes books and a magazine. God. Life. Progressive Culture is what they're about. Here's their own wrap-up of the show. I asked the guy at the booth why they didn't have their most famous product, The Gospel According to the Sopranos on display. He grinned. "Because we sold 35,000 copies in secular bookstores and 3,000 in Christian bookstores, so we figured, why get people riled up with something they probably aren't going to carry anyway?

A bit more on Hal Lindsey. In case you don't remember, Lindsey came to great fame back in the 1970's with a book called The Late Great Planet Earth, one of the first apocalyptic warning bells of the late 20th century. It was very, very popular. Lindsey hasn't stopped. Here's his website, which is subtitled: Politically incorrect - prophetically correct.

Well, when he appeared on the floor of the show, he was in a wheelchair. Later that night, we saw him, walking around quite normally and with great ease at the Bahama Breeze restaurant, in a natty tropical shirt, carrying a yummy (undoubtedly non-alcoholic) tropical drink. Okay, so maybe walking the breadth of the Orange County Convention Center was too much for his portly frame. Maybe he's got leg problems. It was, however, quite a contrast. The Lindsey sighting, along with the John Hagee sighting, along with the massive display for Tyndale, publisher of the Left Behind series, left me with the conclusion that the End Times are good for business - and for your waistline.