Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Lots o' stuff going on.

I'm working on a Big New Project, which is very absorbing and very cool and lets me spend time researching stuff on the internet, and will let me read lots of books. But you don't get to know what it is yet. I'm also starting to write a book which is due in mid-October, so it's good I'm starting to write it. I've got some pamphlets and devotional things to write over the next month, too, and best of all, I've finally settled into a bit of a groove in The Novel I'm Going To Finish This Time, By God. I actually sort of feel like I kind of know what I'm doing, and while it's not easy, it's absorbing, and at this point, at least, it doesn't seem half as lame as the other five attempts at other ideas that are sitting in drawers as we speak.

Took Katie and a friend of hers to the hospital to visit another friend today. Poor little thing was violently ill last Friday and Saturday, ended up in the ER, where they diagnosed "appendix," then got in there and found, not a rupture, but lots of other strange funky stuff, had to do a lot of work, so here she still is, in the middle of summer, still stuck in the hospital, with lots of bedrest ahead even when she gets home. We only found out about it because last night, on a walk to the neighborhood store in a vain attempt to Wear Joseph Out, we stopped at this little girl's house. Katie's been out of town, just got back, and had contacted all of her friends except this girl because she can never remember her phone number (and can't look it up because, like us, she has a different last name from her mom, and Katie never can remember the mom's last we did what everyone used to do, and just stopped by. I've noticed that Katie and her friends don't do what we did - flitting from house to house, picking up friends as we went. They always have to call.).

So, today, I hauled Katie and her friend Leah over to the hospital where they sat and played Uno with their hospitalized buddy - I think they were a little scared at first, but when I came back, I could hear them laughing down the hall - a Madeline kind of scene, except no one said, "We want to have our appendix out too!"

And....we will be celebrating our freedom as Americans by ....going to another country for the weekend.

No trip to the zoo this week. Yet.