Thursday, July 31, 2003

I am going to move a comment from the fecund comment box below up here to start a new thread with a slightly different angle. An anonymous commentor (not my favorite kind, but this is an interesting point, so I'll give him/her a pass) argues with the sentiment that commenting on the actions of a priest named in a newspaper article is unfair and could be categorized as "dumping on" by suggesting that if a priest had made news because of something he did that might be called "liberal" or whatever, these same defenders would have no trouble "dumping on" him.

I have no doubt that if Amy blogged an article that named a priest who say...preached a strong anti-war homily which displeased the political sentiments of these readers, they would be after him, by name, like a pack of dogs after a squirrel. Even if he did lead a holy life. Even if he did celebrate Mass according to the rubrics. Say if his name were Daniel Berrigan. He would not be treated gently by this crowd. Just admit it, folks. In your views, some people of some views can do no wrong, and others can do no right.