Thursday, July 3, 2003

Every once in a while in Fort Wayne, I see a Buddhist monk. Yes, in saffron robes and with bald head and everything. Walking around the park, in the post office. I always wondered where they lived. I assumed they were associated with the substantial Burmese community we have here, but never saw any sign of them as a group.

Well, today, on a back road, I found 'em - not that I was looking. There's a house with a sign in front with a sign in both English and, I guess, Burmese, identifying it as a "wat" (monastery), and just down the road is another house, identified as a Buddhist Temple, which was hopping today. Lots of cars, flags flying everywhere.

And here in America, I take the back way home from K-mart, and stumble upon two Buddhist monks standing in their front yard, studying a tree.