Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Catholic Relief Services and the US bishops urge deployment of US and international forces to Liberia

Archbishop Michael Francis of Monrovia has stated his belief that if Taylor leaves the country before security forces arrive, government and rebel forces "would destroy the capital." Archbishop Francis also has called for U.S. intervention. Meanwhile, in Pretoria, South Africa, President Bush pledged today that the United States will "be involved" in war-torn Liberia but said he would not overextend U.S. armed forces if he sends troops there to join a peacekeeping force, the Associated Press said. Catholic Relief Services, in its statement, said: "While the United States' support to Liberia should be discrete, with a clearly defined exit strategy, it should be of a level and length of commitment that encourages Liberia's return to economic and political viability; helps to usher in a fruitful Liberian peace process; and fosters regional stability."