Saturday, July 26, 2003

Archbishop Pell, nerving people up.

Catholic bishops will confront the Sydney Archbishop, George Pell, tomorrow over the appointment of two new bishops which some fear is part of a Vatican campaign to purge the Sydney archdiocese of its liberal streak.Father Anthony Fisher and Father Julian Porteous will be consecrated at St Mary's Cathedral on September 3, a move that has exposed Dr Pell to accusations that he has stacked the College of Bishops with like-minded right-wing supporters.Dr Pell is also planning a "Life Office", which will look at topics such as birth control, abortion, euthanasia and stem-cell research. It is being likened to a "Ministry of Vice and Virtue" by nervous insiders.

Senior clergy say they will confront Dr Pell over the manner of the appointments - announced by John Paul II - at a meeting of bishops in Sydney tomorrow.

A "Life Office" as part of the ministry of the Catholic Church. Oh, stop the madness.