Saturday, June 28, 2003

You know, going to a baseball game, even if it's only AA, can be scary for fellow.

There's all these big creatures that keep coming around wanting to shake your hand - a big green dragon, even a big taco man, for heaven's sake. Then there's a thunderstorm that's loud and wet in the middle of the game, and then there's fireworks, not just at the end as threatened,but at the beginning and in the middle too. Scary stuff. Makes you turn to your mom and say "Go home," and even your favorite - a big pretzel, doesn't help.

But, through perservence and a move to an almost-abandoned deck with picnic tables after the rain ended and the tarp was up, a move taken so you'd have more room to play, you made it, and were even, by the end, able to shake the big green dragon's hand. And to announce to anyone who's listening that you were, indeed, "bwave."