Friday, June 13, 2003

We're back

...for a few hours before we head out again tomorrow, but this time just for the day up to Lansing for a book signing at the Rosary Book Shop. I will probably blog more later, but when I returned home, I realized I have to have a small project done by Monday, a small project I had meant to work on a bit on the trip, but completely forgot about. So I have to get a chunk of that done tonight before I can let myself go through my mail and blog anything interesting about articles that have come my way, current events, or our trip.

But one tidbit that stands out...I saw a Segway in action on the streets of Chicago. It was fairly startling, like I'd been suddenly plunked down in the middle of a futuristic film.

Which is silly, considering it's just a scooter, sort of, but still...

And, no, it wasn't President Bush. This guy stayed upright.