Sunday, June 22, 2003

We're back from our little trip, a voyage up and down Indiana, to Louisville and back which had three results:

1. I got a good running start on my research for my next book for Loyola.

2. I decided, for what it's worth, even though we're not moving any time soon, that Louisville seems like a pretty nice place to live.

3. Ditch the Canada trip. I had really, really hoped to take a trip up to Montreal and Quebec City in August, but with Joseph being 25 months old and all, and less and less thrilled with being in the car with each passing day, and with a monster trip to and from Florida with stops in between taking up a good deal of July - I don't think any of us could survive one more stop-and-go drive six hours today so we can spend two days here, then drive another three hours so we can spend two days there, and then - ohmygosh, it's gonna take us 12 hours to get home, even if we do break it up in Toronto.

Nope, not this year. It disappoints me, but there's really no point in spending all that time and money for a lot of time spent trying to corrall a 2-year old. We'll find something else to entertain us during Michael's vacation time. In one spot. With a lot of space to run around.

Random notes and thoughts from the weekend:

Saw something in Louisville I haven't seen for a while: a herd of wealthy southern women, waiting to get their table in a restaurant. It's really such a unique breed, (Louisville horse pun unintended but apt), and I'm too tired right now to dissect it, but really. Something about the hair, something about the casual-yet-pricey clothes, something about the mannerisms - even before they open their mouths and the drawl comes out, that just screams, UK, TriDelt, class of '81, married to KA, same class, Go Cats!

Even though it was Louisville, not Lexington. I'm an SEC girl from way back so I just think that way.

St. Meinrad was quiet and beautiful, although the only part of it I saw was the library. Michael took Joseph all around, letting him run his little legs off, showed him where he was baptized two years ago around this time, the church, the chapel, the shrine, the lake...As I said, I got a good enough start on my research to inspire me and put me in the mood to write this book. And no, I'm not telling you what it's about because I think it's such a good idea that I don't want to let it loose on the world quite yet.

Today we spent much of the day at the very nice Louisville Zoo, free, courtesy of that nifty family pass from our own FW zoo. Michael's sister Ann and her family, plus his other niece Abby, up from Florida visiting Ann, came from Somerset to meet us. There's a lovely, huge, graceful polar bear who really was the hit of the visit for everyone.

Here are some photos from Milwaukee and today in Louisville