Monday, June 16, 2003

This just in and exceedingly weird...either a strange coincidence, a misinterpretation of events or something worse.

Warrant leads to Bishop O'Brien's home

Police investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident conducted a search Monday at the home of Bishop Thomas O'Brien, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

Police Sgt. Laurie Williams said police were investigating an accident on Saturday night in which a man was killed after being struck by two cars while crossing a street in the middle of a block. Both cars drove off.

Witnesses gave police a partial license plate number from the first car, which led investigators to the diocese, Williams said. The diocese later told police that it was O'Brien's car, Williams said.

"He does admit that he was driving the vehicle and in the area at the time," Williams said.

She said the bishop had told police he was returning home after a Mass on Saturday night.

Police had no information on the second car.

Officials with the diocese left O'Brien's home without commenting to reporters.


As Paul, our man in AZ, points out in the comments, the latest report that the car had windshield and fender damage. More detail here, including the name of the victim and diocesan response..