Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Thanks to a commentor for pointing out the Boston's Globe not-positive reivew of the 6FU finale:

Of particular offense was:

Claire's journey to heaven with her father was particularly awkward. It offered a poignant moment, as she sees her troubled former boyfriend, Gabe, finally at peace, but it also raised a gnawing question. Claire encounters her baby in heaven, supposedly the child she gave up[my emphasis] a few weeks back in an abortion-clinic sequence that had horrific cattle-call overtones. By presenting Claire's ''choice'' as a baby, was Ball trying to make a big statement about fetuses and the morality of abortion? Or was he showing Claire resolve her own guilt, as the ghost of Lisa agreed to care for the ghost of Claire's boy? It was a distracting issue.

Fascinating. Our commenters here have been remarking on the subtle, indifferent horror of the abortion clinic scene, and the decidedly negative final impression of the whole thing that these two episodes have left, and we're accused of letting our perceptions be skewed by our pro-life views.

Maybe it's not just our prism, after all.

For those unafraid of the unborn, here's a Newsweek article on the chain of ultrasound imagery joints called Fetal Fotos.

No accompanying photos, though, of the "gorgeous" images. Surprise, surprise.