Thursday, June 19, 2003

Boston-area sexual abuse victim in critical condition after near drowning.

Boston newspapers reported McSorley was pulled out of the Neponset River after visiting Pope John Paul II Park in nearby Dorchester with a friend Wednesday.

A reader comments:

You can't miss the symbolism of trying to drown yourself at a park named for the pope while the US bishops are gathering for their semi-annual meeting.Now McSorley has already been given his financial settlement. But what of long-term counseling? The money is nice, but it does not salve the problem (other than his attorney's problem about how to afford his country club dues). If McSorley was receiving counseling, how effective was it? The Archdiocese runs a system of hospitals. Was nothing done for him through them, a remedy that might have prevented this terrible incident?This highlights the emotional fragility of many of these victims. Of course what he apparently did is not rational. But, given the inner torments he may be suffering as the result of his abuse, it is understandable. And let's not forget that the triggering incident was Father Geoghan's abuse of him and the Archdiocese's indifference.