Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Been thinking a bit about the Brideshead Revisited thing. Someone hinted at this in the comments. Although the proposed adaptation sounds deplorable, it is not so because it is a total evisceration of the work, but because it takes one thread of one aspect of one character's views and makes it the point of view of the entire work. For you see, to Charles, through much of the book, God is the villain, isn't he? As the Flytes pursue their strange, varied paths, they do so in dialogue, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but always there, with God and their sense of what He wants and demands. But of course, that leaves out a lot. It leaves out the other characters' perspectives and sense of their own actions, and it leaves out the overarching perspective of the narrative.

A shame to take such a rich work and render it into simplistic drivel.