Friday, May 16, 2003

Will the same people who rent out moonwalks for parties handle these?

World's first inflatable church introduced

"Churches used to be at the centre of our communities and sadly that's not the case anymore," said Mr Gill at the unveiling of the church at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher, Surrey. "This is one way to make the Church more accessible and put it back where it belongs."The mobile church was formally dedicated by the Rev Michael Elfred, a Church of England vicar from Tadworth, who led prayers in front of about 50 worshippers, reporters and photographers.

"In the Old Testament we read that God's ancient people worshipped in a tent," Mr Elfred said. "God is on the move and tells us not to be side-tracked by our buildings."At a cost of £21,750 to buy and £2,000 a day to rent, the 47ft high church will be too costly for many parishes.But Mr Gill said that he has had expressions of interest from more than 20 countries and has even been asked to design inflatable mosques and synagogues.