Friday, May 16, 2003

Priest arrested in park sting...

Diocese shrugs

If necessary, the diocese will see that he is provided professional counseling, the statement said. Kubista said the charges against McGrath do not fall under the diocesan sexual misconduct policy."This involves his personal life," Kubista said, explaining that this is a civil matter, not involving McGrath's conduct while he was "engaged in the mission of the church."

Wow. Unpack that one for a while. I thought a priest's entire life was supposed to be a living symbol of the "mission of the church." So if a priest robs a convenience store on his day off, it "involves his personal life?" If he calls an African-American or a Latino a deragatory name after he leaves church grounds on his way to the golf course it's okay because it merely "involves his personal life?"

Somehow..I doubt it.