Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Here's what's going on

I'm trying mighty hard to keep my head straight for the next week and a half. Anyone who has children knows that the end of the school year can be brutally challenging in keeping-your-head department. We got through our first recital - Katie's piano - last night. She played two pieces - a Carillion Fantasia and a duet of Little David, Play on Your Harp with her teacher - the teacher really wanted me to play the duet with Katie, but I respectfully declined. It's funny. I've led music groups in church, in front of hundreds of high school kids, cantored, played guitar, but somehow, playing piano is a whole different animal to me. I quit taking piano when I was in high school because the recitals made me so nervous. I guess it's because mistakes seem so much more...obvious on piano. And believe me, Katie's teacher did a far better job than I would have.

Now we've got various medical appointments for David before he moves, his last few golf matches, Michael's trip out of town for part of this weekend, our trip to Chicago in the middle of next week, then David's graduation from high school on the 30th (with accompanying visit by his older brother, which will be very nice), then David's departure down to Virginia on Saturday, where he will be living with his dad and attending Virginia Tech in the fall, followed, finally, by Katie's dance recital that night and her last day of school and attendant celebrations on the 2nd.

And in all of that I'm supposed to be revising a manuscript, writing two columns, a book reviews, an issue of My Daily Visitor and..oh yes...being all contemplative to release my creativity.

Fat chance, I say...