Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Here's what I'm for

I'm for strictly controlled access to pop culture. I'm for movie theaters, movie rental businesses and music stores enforcing ratings codes. I'm for the V-Chip and for parental controls on access to cable or satellite channels. I'm for parents using those controls. I'm for parents not taking their kids to R-rated movies. I'm for parents regulating and being totally aware of what their kids are doing on the internet - and what they're downloading - and for parents to not allow their kids to have unrestricted access to the internet. I'm for either an industry or government imposed family hour on broadcast television and for free broadcast channels to have to abide by broadcast standards. I'm for vigorous discussion of whose producing pop culture and what their motivations are. I'm for pointed critiques of the worldviews in cultural products. I'm for encouraging art and culture that strives for Truth and Beauty. I'm for parents to take control of what their kids have access to.

What I'm not for is some truly impossible demand that all engaged in producing art or other cultural products cleave to my own worldview.

I've written one 1100-word article and one 750-word column today, and now I must go to dance class. No, not me. Katie.