Friday, May 23, 2003

Here's a link to the Jesuit's "Standing for the Unborn" statement.

As far as I can tell, it's only available in .pdf form on the internet, which is a pain, but it's also in the May 26 issue of America magazine if you want to go search it out:

It's a good statement, and I have no argument to make with it, nor do I have snide anti-Jesuit remarks to make.

One thought did pop into my mind while I read this, however, and it applies not only to this statement, but to all official Church statements on abortion.

They could all use a little contrition.

Seriously. This would be nice to see in the midst of all of this inspiring verbiage:

We believe in the right to life that begins at conception...we are sorry for our obvious failure to communicate this belief powerfully and clearly through our institutions.

We're sorry for being silent when other Catholics misrepresent the teaching of the Church on this issue or try to diminish its importance.

We're sorry that we don't spend more of our resourceds directly helping women and girls in need..

We're sorry that every single Catholic college and university doesn't have an officially sponsored, well-funded program for students facing this problem in their lives.

We're extra sorry that students leave these same Catholic colleges and universities not understanding the value of human life at every stage of development.

We're sorry that so many defenseless human beings, real and unique, have been killed. We're going to stop writing documents now, and we're going to try do something concrete about child killed in abortion is too many, brings us sorrow, and moves us to action.