Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Didn't mean to leave you in suspense...

As you know, I've gone back and forth about this blog since February. In a fit of creative frustration, I said I was going to give it up completely, but then decided to blog once a week, and then the war came, and I thought I could offer a spot for people to discuss the war from a moral perspective, and then I thought I'd try to go back to once a week...

You see, the problem is not time. The problem is what all-day-long news-oriented blogging does to my head. It orients me towards the present, towards the minutiae of the day, and that's not what I need right now. I am trying to fashion a good bit of mental space to write both fiction and longer, more substantive non-fiction, and that kind of blogging just doesn't lend itself to that effort. In other words, I need to be more contemplative, and Google News is not friendly to that pursuit.

But at the same time, I realize that people like this blog, and well..I like it too. It affords me some contact with the world outside my house and, when I use it properly, it gives me a place to work out ideas - which is one of the reasons I started it in the first place, and which worked fine until the Sex Abuse Scandals hit about five months after I started.

So, my conclusion is this:

I am coming back to daily blogging, but with strict, self-imposed parameters. One or two posts a day of substance. (Today, however, I have three or sue me.) The exceptions might be the weekends, when, from Friday to Sunday, papers and periodicals produce meatier articles, John Allen's Word from Rome comes out, the UK Tablet comes out with a new issue, and so on.

I really like providing lots' o news, but it really is just a big old Florida sinkhole once I start, sucking me into its evil vortex.

So...maybe that will satisfy us all, no?