Friday, April 25, 2003

Yay. I'm there.

(Seriously - if this actually serves up what it promises to, it looks like what I've been waiting for. I've been contemplating Moveable Type for a while, but didn't want to bother with what it required. All along, though, I thought that certainly, at some point, they'd be coming up with something that was more a bit more user friendly with the added attraction of a host server. They have. I'll check it out once it emerges and if I like it, I will probably spend some time moving my whole Mighty Web Presence to it - this place and the home page, with a new look, new title and slightly new direction for a weblog - can't handle the constant provision of news any more, but I do need some sort of creative outlet that's totally mine, so maybe this will inspire me and help me out...We'll see.)