Monday, April 28, 2003

Okay, well...

A couple of days ago, I threw out the remark that I thought Catholic Nexus was your best source for Catholic news. A remark which was followed by a note from Phil Lawler asking, well, what about us?

Well, I wrote him back explaining that I have been perpetually confused about what was available to all on the CWN site, and what was available to subscribers only. I was under the impression that most of their site fell into the latter category. I checked them this morning, and see that I was wrong - most of the news of the day, it seems is available to all.

So, sorry about that - the praise for Catholic Nexus still stands, but I when I made the remark, I was thinking more in lines of blog-like/portal/link sites (like Drudge) rather than actual original news-gathering sites. So, if that's what you're after, check out Catholic World News today, with lots of interesting articles, including one on the fight at Holy Cross over the selection of Chris Matthews as commencement speaker

Father Michael McFarland, SJ, the president of Holy Cross, responded to the criticism by saying that Matthews' support for legal abortion is "allowable in Catholic thought"....

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