Tuesday, April 22, 2003

During this octave of Easter...

we'd all do well to visit the blogs of our neophytes - those who came into the Church this past weekend. It's inspiring, gratifying reading.

From Kathy at Not for Sheep:

I woke up this morning, happy--because I am a Catholic!

I have been reflecting on partaking of the Eucharist both yesterday and the day before. I love it. In partaking of the Eucharist, I feel like I am much more than just myself; that in me, joy meets sorrow and triumphs eternally--all because of Christ.

From Joe Convert:

I am a Catholic. I'm proud of my heritage of faith, and humbled that the Lord saw fit to invite me into his church. I can't really describe it any other way; as I told someone after mass last night, none of this was part of my game plan. The Catholic Church wasn't even on the radar for me two years ago. In a very short amount of time, I transformed from being utterly disinterested in the Church to realizing I'd need a really good reason to prevent me from becoming Catholic. I've read mountains of anti-Catholic literature, had good friends try and talk me out of it, and have been rejected by people who really matter to me. Through that entire journey, I could find no credible arguments against the authority and historicity of the Church, but plenty to back up her claims. I have encountered nothing that could deny the witness of my own heart, as I have seen my life transformed by the gospel to a degree I had not thought possible. After 30 years of professing faith in Christ, I'm delighted to say that I'm starting over.

From Sean at Swimming the Tiber

Well, here I am... a Catholic, received into the Church through the Holy Mysteries of Chrismation and Eucharist. I'm not an emotionally effusive person, but if you were in the room with me right now, you would see my cheeks damp with tears of joy, as they have been almost every time this weekend when I've thought about what God has done for me and what a wonderful experience I had coming into his Church. Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

And Will at Mysterium Crucis:

I'm just so happy to know that now I'm on the inside. I'm Catholic. My faith is sure to have its struggles, new difficulties and new doubts will always present themselves to me. But I won't be alone. I'll face those challenges as Will the Catholic. And I'll have the prayers and strength of the Church, militant and triumphant, at my aide. I can only grow stronger from here, God willing.

The blogmistress at Well was also due to make her full profession, but hasn't blogged about it yet..

Go visit these folks, read their experiences and for that moment, remember what - or rather who brought us all here and why.