Monday, March 31, 2003

A note before I sign off to work:

I am always grateful for my readers and their comments, but please remember that the reason I have reentered the blogosphere on a daily basis is to give you a place to discuss the war, especially from a spiritual and moral perspective. I am not happy with the tone of some of the commenters, especially from some of those supportive of the war who are responding to questions and concerns with jabs, name-calling and setting up of straw men. I seriously doubt that there is anyone who posts or reads here who believes that Hussein is anything but a tyrant, or who knows that the muted response Coalition troops are receiving is in large part because of the terror and fear of reprisal that still hangs over even the "conquered" areas. Everyone who reads and posts here is very concerned about issues of terrorism, the clash of civilizations and the rise of Islamofascism. As far as I know, Sheryl Crow is not a part of this community here.

So that means when questions are raised, either by me or commenters, you can bet they are serious questions that emerge from serious soul-searching and engagement with the Gospel, Catholic Tradition, and the realities of the present situation.

I would appreciate it if everyone would conduct themselves with that in mind and take each others' concerns seriously and respectfully and just stop the responses like're have questions about the conduct of the war...and you think Hussein would have just left if we'd asked nicely, huh?

That's not helpful.