Saturday, March 29, 2003

I made great progress today, thanks to my wonderful husband, who took care of Joseph for a great part of the afternoon and early evening. I only have a couple of more things to write for this study guide to the Passion in Matthew, then I need to give it a once-over cleanup, put it in the template and then with a click of the mouse it's out of my life - until it comes back for revisions, that is. And best of all, I'm actually fairly pleased with it. But then I still have another two-thousand word project due on Tuesday and three columns of various sorts due around the middle of the week, so I won't be in the clear until Thursday, I imagine. Then I take a breath, revise my Saints" The Sequel manuscript by April 15 and then get to work on a talk I'm giving up in Kalamazoo in early May.

I must tell you about the funniest thing Joseph (who will be 2 on Friday) is doing. Quite frequently, when you ask him if he wants something, and he does, he'll answer with a breathless, "Oh, yeeeessss!" I don't know where he picked that up, but it's very funny. I think he's also confused "thank you" and "okay," in the sense that he never says "okay." You tell him to go sit down and he says, "thank you" and trots over and has a seat. He's either confused, or the most grateful person living in this house.