Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview with Amy Welborn

Cheapflights: What’s your inspiration when choosing a destination?
Amy Welborn: I want to go, um, everywhere, so choosing is both difficult and easy! My interests center around culture, art, history and natural landscapes – so there are very few places on earth thatdon’t interest me as potential destinations! At this point, though, traveling as I do with two children, I must take their interests into account as well. I want to take their interests into account – it’s not a burden. I find that traveling with children to be quite illuminating. So I look for destinations that will satisfy all of us, that will give me interesting sites to ponder and intriguing experiences, and that will provide fun and enrichment for them as well – as well as a sense of freedom for them. I also throw affordability into the mix, naturally. I tend to start from that perspective: Where can I go that’s most affordable right now (instead of spending a huge amount of time trying to make a desired trip affordable, waiting for specials and so on)?
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