Monday, February 4, 2013

Amy Welborn on Headline Bistro

Amy Welborn's latest column at Headline Bistro can be found here.
We are who we are: individual human beings, each with a unique, individual story, each with a soul of which we are acutely aware needs saving.
It is tempting, isn’t it, to live in the assumption that everything’s about us.
But then you (or at least I) hop (or trudge, more realistically) on a plane, sit down, strap yourself in, and are lifted into the air.
And from the air, you look down on the city you’re leaving or to which you’re traveling, and you see them: the dwelling and working places of thousands, of millions, just like you but completely different, each placed here by God, each called by Him to His heart. Some are listening and trying to follow, some are just trying to listen, and some are just deaf.
But they’re down there, living and working in the midst of a vast creation, every atom of it cared for by that loving God.
No, it’s not just about us.

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