Sunday, August 3, 2003

I took Katie to see the documentary film Spellbound this afternoon at our local art house theater. It was really and truly wonderful, and really, most kids 10 or above (and perhaps the more precocious under that) will enjoy it, and any adult with a heart will too. Yeah, it's about the National Spelling Bee, but like all art of quality, it's actually about many other things as well. It's about achievement, its price and its ambiguity. It's about family. It's about social and class differences - how can you not root for the kids who don't have the personal spelling bee coaches or computers? It's about American life, identity and opportunity. And it's about 8 very different, fascinating young people and their families. It's a moving, compassionate and sometimes funny film with a couple of situations that really and truly, if you'd written them into a "fictional" script or story would be tossed out as just too much, too fantastical to be believed - if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about - but, as they say, truth really can be stranger than fiction.

So if it comes to your town or (in a few months I'm sure) video store, please go see it.

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