Thursday, March 20, 2003

You are invited to use this space to discuss the war.

..Particularly from a moral perspective.

There is no shortage of bloggage out there, and there is a lot of discussion, naturally, about the war. Most of the blogs that are hosting the more intelligent Catholic-based discussions don't have comment capacity. Others have comment capacity, but are basically screaming one way or the other and not the most welcoming places for those of different views, and don't have the traffic that I have been privileged to have.

So, for the moment, I'll come out of hiatus, but more in the capacity of Yer Blog Hostess. I'll post something once in a while - probably not war news, but more likely war commentary with a moral resonance, and you are welcome to discuss.

Just keep it focused - no repetitive homilies, please, and you know who you are.

Start with this:

Vatican, other churches, deplore war.

"The Vatican is deeply pained by the latest developments in Iraq," Vatican chief spokesman Jaoquin Navarro-Valls, one of Pope John Paul's closest aides, said in a statement."On the one hand it laments the fact that the Iraqi government did not accept the resolutions of the United Nations and the appeal by the pope himself, which asked for the country to disarm."On the other hand, it deplores the interruption of the path of negotiations, according to international law, for a peaceful solution to the Iraqi drama."

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