Sunday, March 16, 2003

Toledo priests want input on their new bishop

Auxiliary Bishop Robert Donnelly, administrator of the diocese, said he has been told by Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, the Pope’s Washington-based representative to the U.S., that given the large number of appointments to be made, naming a successor to Bishop James Hoffman, who died Feb. 8, could take a year."It isn’t something done quickly," Bishop Donnelly said, adding that because Toledo has a bishop and a retired bishop available for such duties as confirmations and ordinations, filling the vacancy here may be less pressing than in some other jurisdictions where there is no bishop.Today, however, a group of priests was to meet in a private, closed session in Bowling Green to arrive at a consensus about what qualities they would like to see in a new bishop. They planned to forward their ideas to Archbishop Montalvo, who will be charged with submitting a list of three finalists to the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican

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