Sunday, March 16, 2003

Priests and ministers moving out of rectories and parsonages

It's an arrangement that is becoming rare. Nationwide, 58.6 percent of all clergy do not live in a parsonage, according to a Duke University Divinity School study. Even more surprising, the numbers include Catholic priests, who, unencumbered by families, traditionally have lived together in rectories on church grounds.The transition to single-family homes has drawn attention here with the Archdiocese of Miami's controversial purchase of pricey homes, such as the $582,000 house for the new pastor at St. Richard Catholic Church in Palmetto Bay."In all of the newest parishes, this is the trend," says the Rev. Anthony J. Mulderry, who has lived in a single-family house in Sunrise, Fla., since he helped start All Saints Catholic Church there 20 years ago. The house, bought for $80,000, is about a mile from the church.

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