Friday, February 14, 2003

Update on Dad:

The surgery lasted about 7 hours--the entire upper left lobe of the lung was removed and the esophagus re-sected. The pathology report says that the margins are clear, which I'm told is very good news. He is off the ventilator already, his color is good, and he was alert enought to express a preference for FOX over CNN on cable. He'll be 3-4 days in ICU.

The healing process will be challenging - in addition to half of the esophagus being removied, one-third of his stomach was as well. But if his early good progress is any indication, he'll meet the challenges well.

Thanks for your prayers!

Update: As of this morning, he was asking for his glasses, newspapers, and for the television to be on CNBC so he could watch Blix and the market at the same time.

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