Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Fasting from food, nourished by the Spirit

I'd like to put together a page dedicated to good reading for Lent. Please send your suggestions to Include the title, author, and whatever comments about the book (or a particular section of a book) that you have. If you want me to publish your name and a link to your website/blog, please do.

I want to pull this together by the last weekend of February, so get me your information before then.

Several people have asked how my father's doing. He's doing very, very well. He's out of ICU, and will probably head home on Saturday. He's being gradually weaned of tubes, pipes and wires, and is doing breathing exercises. Thanks for asking, and thanks for your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, they're in order for radio host and author Al Kresta. You can follow the details at HMS Blog, but here's the latest as of Wednesday, mid-morning:

As you may suspect, there is much speculation circulating as to Al's condition. Please help stop rumors. This is very simple at this point. Al has blood Poisoning, Al lost his leg to save his life, Al is responding to treatment, Al's condition is critical and will remain so for a few days. And most importantly, Al needs your payers.

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