Monday, January 27, 2003

Via Mark:

the California situation.

To me, this is crucial:

Weigand said one of the most important reasons he spoke out is that he wanted to address recent questions from parishioners about the Davis-Kavanagh incident. As the shepherd of the diocese, Weigand said, he needed to deal with these concerns."People wanted to know how the governor could remain a Catholic in good standing and still have those policies," said Weigand. "I said he can't be."Weigand also said he has tried repeatedly over the past four years to talk to the governor about his abortion-rights policies but has been rebuffed. "I just want to sit down and talk with him and explain the teachings of the church."

Let's think about this another way. Say that the Catholic politician in question was rabidly racist or misogynist, conducted his office according to those principles, and defended himself as a "good Catholic" all the while.

Who would be defending his conscience then? Who would be in the papers quoted as saying that all of this was perfectly compatible with Catholicism, when you really think about it the right way, you know.

We all know what the answer to that question is.

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