Thursday, January 9, 2003

Vatican sends envoys to New Zealand to figure out how to help sailors.

"These are people who are away from their families and homes for months on end, and who have to deal with the intense stress of high-level international regattas," Tronche told Reuters by telephone as he was about to board a plane to New Zealand. "They are a new and growing community of seafarers and we want to convey to them the interest of the Church and ask them what they want from the Church." Tronche heads the Roman Catholic Church's Apostleship of the Sea, which runs "Stella Maris" centres that have offered religious support to merchant and military seamen for over 80 years.

Well. Seems like there's a little, tiny difference between merchant and military seamen and rich people racing yachts. Not that the latter don't need ministry, but.....well, it sounds like a nice trip for Father Tronche.

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