Monday, January 20, 2003

Paul Thigpen is looking for rosary stories:

The Holy Father recently declared a Year of the Rosary, and he is asking us to rediscover this wonderful prayer. In response to his request, I am collecting stories about the Rosary to publish in a book: true stories, brief or not-so-brief, from people who have had their lives changed by the Rosary, or who have experienced a powerful intervention of Our Lady through the Rosary--the more specific, the better. (References pointing me to such stories already in print, or to historical testimonies, would also be welcome.)

I don't need for people to write the stories; I simply want them to tell me in an email what happened, and I will write them up. There would be no financial remuneration for submitting a story, but if it were used in the book, folks would have the pleasure of sharing it, reading about it in print (I already have the contract), and knowing they were helping others to rediscover this Catholic treasure.

Readers who have stories to share can email them to me at

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