Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Monday, 10:00 pm: lying with Joseph, enduring his usual 20-30 minute flopping around, pulling covers up, pushing them off, asking for water before he finally succumbs.

10:20: nightly consultation with the older children, Scripture and prayer with Katie.

10:45: turn on televsion to Miracles. A monsignor in a cassock (hah) is telling a young guy that he has no interest in his findings. Young guy meets a priest outside, priest says he never called the young guy about the case, as young guy claims. Young guy meets British guy who talks about his group and other cases. Says the blood usually spells out "God is Nowhere." Young guy goes to address British guy has given him, encounters raven-haired babe.

Amy's confused.

Did anyone watch? Does it have anything to do with religion or is it just there for atmosphere?

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