Friday, January 17, 2003

Lieberman: sabbath not a campaign hurdle

Lieberman's logistical obstacle with his Sabbath schedule became quickly apparent as local Democrats began scheduling a series of "cattle calls" that occur mostly on the weekends to parade candidates in front of party activists.

Lieberman's staffers describe him as "an observant Jew," while others describe his beliefs as "modern Orthodox." Lieberman strictly observes the Jewish Sabbath by refusing to campaign from sundown Friday through sundown Saturday.

"It has always come above politics over the long term and I obviously hope people will respect that," Lieberman said Monday of his faith. "I will have to work harder on the other six days."

There are times Lieberman can attend a Saturday evening campaign event by traveling to the location on Friday and observing the Sabbath in the same place as the political event. He also can communicate at events through a surrogate or with use of a videotaped message.

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