Wednesday, January 29, 2003

How wildly appropriate...

..that this happened around the feastday (1/27) of St. Angela Merici, Ursuline foundress:

Urusuline Academy religion teacher fired after her name appeared in an ad supportive of abortion rights.

And she’s like, shocked.

Ursuline Academy, which abides by the anti-abortion stance of the Catholic Church, fired Curay-Cramer, a religion and language arts teacher, for not keeping with the church's teachings. The school had offered to allow Curay-Cramer to resign, both Curay-Cramer and the school said.

Curay-Cramer, who had worked at Ursuline for 18 months, said she was surprised when the school took issue with her name being in the ad. She said the ad was the first time she had publicly stated her involvement with Planned Parenthood, for which she started doing volunteer work in April.

"I felt fairly humiliated and beside myself about it," Curay-Cramer said. "Nothing I did publicly ever had anything to do with the classroom. What was more upsetting was that I realized I couldn't go back to the classroom."

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