Thursday, January 23, 2003

Hold on to your coffee while you consider the headline that National Catholic Reporter gives to its profile of Nancy Pelosi:

Priesthood's Loss is Capitol's Gain

Is it more difficult today to be a pro-choice Catholic then it was, say, 10 years ago?

It’s about the same. When I traveled across the country when I was campaigning for candidates this last time, when I was in another city on a Sunday, I would try to find a Catholic church nearby. I heard some of the sermons in some of the churches down South, so I understand what some of our colleagues undergo in the church -- it was difficult. We’ve had those sermons in California, but [with] a little more subtlety than I was hearing down South. It gave me a better understanding of what some of my colleagues are going through.

Oh, oh, oh. Excuse me while I dry my tears for Pelosi and all of her colleagues who are "going through" so much in their brave quest to be pro-choice Catholics. What they must endure. What they must suffer as they sit in those pews listening to those un-subtle southern sermons (huh?), wishing they could simply be back in the safe arms of the capitol, casting their votes protecting er...choice.

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