Saturday, January 4, 2003

Here's a definition of despair:

You enter a school gymnasium at 11:25. There's a basketball game going on. After this game, your daughter is scheduled to play in another game, which was supposed to be at 11:30. You have a 21-month you are going to have to amuse during that game and another - (either at 2 [if they lose] or 4 [if they win]). The game in process is in the fourth quarter, with a difference of two points in the score. At the last minute, the losing team ties it. Overtime looms. The score of the game is 8-8. It took four quarters for each team to score 8 points. How long will it take them to break the tie and end this game so life can go on and the rest of the games can commence?

So now you see where I was all day. Nothing like 5th grade girls' basketball..

(By the way, Katie's team lost their first game, but won the consolation game, gaining third place in the tournament and their first win of the whole entire season.)

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