Tuesday, January 28, 2003

From a reader:

We've never availed ourselves of the Catholic schools in any of the six states we have lived in with children for the following reasons:

1. When I go to an open house and all I hear is that our test scores 'compare favorably' with the public schools -- did I misread, wasn't this a Catholic school?

2. When the BMWs, Audis, etc. that the students drive outnumber the faculty heaps, and, as youth minister, I get to hear the tales of drinking and

sex parties -- oh yes, the parents even confided that they felt it was better to have the coed sleepovers so they could at least be certain they would not drink and drive and condoms were available -- GEESH!

3. No joke, the elementary school in Florida, the parent who was giving the tour -- "The only blacks you're child will have to deal with are nice blacks." Looking around at the school....out of 550 students, 3 were black.

We've used the public schools when it worked, homeschooled all four for four years but when it got to high school, they've gone to public school.However, at each step of the way, we've taken seriously that we are the

PRIMARY religious educators of our children.

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