Thursday, January 23, 2003

A bit of a change of pace:

We do a lot of griping around here, and I make no apologies for that. In this big old world, there's plenty of room for both Dr. Peale and me.

But I'm interested in your feedback on something, partly on behalf of an equally curious reader.

Catholic education - both past and present - gets spanked around a lot. I myself had a great time many months ago collecting stories of wretched stories of post-Vatican II religious "education". Go here to read some of them.

But, in the name of warming up this cold, cold day (except for you Mark, and you can just be quiet now), let's get positive. Here's my question:

What have been your positive experiences of education in faith?

Let me be specific. I'm not looking for role model tales - you know, my great-aunt Tilda taught me so much as she prayed the rosary while planting her organic tomatoes under the shadow of St. Francis. No - I want, as much as possible classroom stuff - which will, inevitably, include the modeling and witness of teachers, but might also include effective environments - both in the entire school/parish and the individual classroom, good textbooks, good approaches, expectations, and so on.

We know what doesn't work. What does?

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