Saturday, December 7, 2002

Why would a church raise money for itself by auctioning off car used in committing crimes?

I dunno, but that's what the Word of Jesus Christ Church in Pueblo, Colorado tried to do

The mother of a slain police officer believes a Colorado church should not auction a getaway car driven by the seven prison escapees who killed her son during a robbery. Jayne Hawkins, whose son Aubrey Hawkins was killed on Christmas Eve 2000, said the attempt by the 60-member Word of Jesus Christ Church in Pueblo to profit off the car was disgusting, the Associated Press (AP) reported....The auction described the car as a "historical collectors item" and said the church obtained it on Jan. 11, 2001, after finding an envelope in the church mailbox containing the keys, directions to the motel where the car was parked and a note that said: "May God bless you the way He has blessed us."

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