Tuesday, December 31, 2002

NY Bishops suing state over contraceptive law.

The state's Roman Catholic bishops and some Protestant churches are suing the state to overturn a law that will require employers -- including religious hospitals and agencies -- to offer prescription contraceptives to employees. The New York State Catholic Conference called the law that is effective Wednesday "a governmental assault" that "intrudes on any religion that does not share the goals and ideals of the abortion industry." The Catholic church employs thousands of workers in 40 hospitals, 60 nursing homes and in hundreds of social service agencies and schools statewide. "Such an outrageous law ought to alarm anyone who loves America and the freedoms for which it stands," said eight Catholic bishops including Cardinal Edward Egan, New York's archbishop, in a statement announcing the suit.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the law wouldn't have been passed at all if not for the loss of a certain degree of moral credibility on the part of certain Catholic leaders.

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