Monday, December 30, 2002

An interview with the man who drove Hank Williams on his last ride with an examination of the eternal question...when exactly did he die? The driver says there's no mystery - he didn't die in Knoxville at the Andrew Johnson Hotel, as some claim - he was still alive in Bristol, he says:

The teenager stopped in a small town to gas up and get a bite to eat. Carr said it could have been Bristol, Tenn., about 120 miles northeast of Knoxville, or it could have been Bluefield, a town in West Virginia. It was dark and he was bone-tired in unfamiliar territory. He specifically remembers a service station on one side of the highway and a diner and a cab stand on the other. He pulled in to gas up."I remember Hank got out to stretch his legs and I asked him if he wanted a sandwich or something," Carr said. "And he said, 'No, I just want to get some sleep.'"I don't know if that's the last thing he said. But it's the last thing I remember him telling me."At the cab stand, Carr picked up a relief driver who helped him drive for a few hours before getting out somewhere in rural West Virginia.Carr drove on, but became increasingly concerned about the eerie silence in the back seat. He pulled off the road to check on Williams, who was lying with his head toward the passenger seat and had his left hand across his chest....

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